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Intercultural Communication Seminars


You are a business man/woman with ties to Arabic companies or you wish to get in touch with Arabic business partners?
… then you are at the right place here!!!
then you are at the right place here!

„I must tell you that when travelling with Arabs, it is absolutely necessary to be gifted with patience, which, however, my good fairy has forgotten to furnish me with (...)“. Translated extract from: Gertrude Bell, “Ich war eine Tochter Arabiens“[“I was a daughter of Arabia“]


To German business clients, company members and investors we offer the following services:
  • Seminars on intercultural communication and on business etiquette in the Arab Gulf States.
  • Introduction to the Arabic language.
  • Training and advice on how to deal with Arabic business partners and on how to build up mutual trust, which is essential for successful business transactions.
In the course of the seminar, you will learn in an agreeable Arabic atmosphere; you will be trained on the codes of conduct, the customs and the Islamic values; equally importantly, you will be warned of what you should absolutely avoid doing when visiting an Arabic country. You will be informed of laws and the political systems, which will enable you to quickly acclimatize to the new environment.
In case you require more information about our offer of seminars, do not hesitate to contact us personally.
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