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We offer lessons in Arabic, German, English, Japanese, Chinese, French and Spanish.

Languages can be seen as a bridge connecting two people. We conceive it our task to build this bridge in order to bring you and your interlocutor together.Speaking some bits of Arabic, you will find it easy to get in touch with your interlocutors and to win them around.You are interested in the Arabic language and the Arabic culture?
You envisage visiting an Arabic country?
You are a doctor and you count lots of Arabic speakers among your patients, with whom you wish to better communicate and whom you want to have full trust in you?
You are a student and would like to take private lessons?
..… then you are at the right place here!!!

We guarantee that with our help you will be enjoying learning the Arabic language.In the recent years, the Arabic language has become increasingly important, which is due to economic, political, and touristic factors.
How many Arabic countries are there in the word?
There are approximately 280 million native Arabic speakers from 22 countries, which are: Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Qatar, the Comoros, Kuwait, the Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Palestine, Saudi-Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Tunisia.We find it important to teach not only the language but also the culture.
The courses are tailor-made for the individual needs of our customers; we offer:

  • Basic lessons for beginners and lessons for advanced learners for both individuals and groups.
  • Business-Arabic lessons for business people.
  • Intensive lessons for all those who want to learn the Arabic language within a short period of time, be it company members, people interested in culture, private travellers or politicians.

The courses follow a single-minded method, taking account of aspects of both language and culture and of codes of conduct in a business context.

Typical intercultural topics:

Addressing people, greeting men, greeting women, how to introduce oneself, how to make appointments, how to perpetuate a relationship, rules of conduct, stating the time, how to express invitations, small talk, traditions (festivities, offering presents, going shopping, dining at a restaurant, dress code, body distance, eye contact etc).

  • Introduction to the Arabic alphabet and the Arabic numerals.
  • Introduction to grammar.
  • Introduction to the Arabic language.
  • Text production.
  • Phonetics, calligraphy.
  • Grammar exercises.
  • Lexical exercises.
  • Conversation exercises.
  • Intercultural communication.
  • One teaching unit (i.e. 45 minutes) for a single person is 25 €. 
  • For groups, we offer an individual price per person per teaching unit in proportion to the group size
Learning Arabic online:Customers with preliminary knowledge of the Arabic language we can offer online courses, for which they only need to have a sound programme installed on their computer, such as for example Skype, available to be freely downloaded from the internet.
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