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Germany has a very good worldwide reputation in the field of education and is a leading country as far as research and development are concerned. Germany fosters students and promotes education in all scientific fields. Both Germans and foreigners who are willing to use their abilities and faculties in a scientific interest are welcome to study in Germany. Much public money is spent in this area because research and science are considered the cornerstones of social and economic development. Most universities require no student fees by contrast to most other European states. In Germany, free education guarantees that anybody, no matter whether rich or poor, has the chance to develop their talents. No one is excluded from education. For that reason, international students enjoy many advantages guaranteed by the government, including lots of services. Foreign students are helped in any difficult situation which they may encounter during their studies and which may hinder them from attaining their goals. Above all, their financial situation is paid heed to.

Together we will reach your goals

Learn German here in the romantic city of Heidelberg and make your studies at a German elite university.

Our service for your studies in Germany

  • All information about university enrollment and life in Germany
  • We attend to your enrollment for bachelor or master studies and send you the certificate of enrollment via post to your home
  • certified translations of all kinds of documents, for example certificates or reports
  • we arrange for a flat or room in an apartment shared by several people room before your arrival in Germany
  • we open up a account for you at a German bank and send these documents to your home via post
  • we book a cheap flight ticket
  • you sign a contract with our company that guarantees the rights of both parties
  • we arrange for you to be collected from the airport and drive you to your home
  • enrollment at the university or for a language course
  • city tour for the students to find all important places and authorities and tour through the university, including the most important places for students to know such as the study administration office or the study counseling office
  • we help you conclude an assurance contract at a German health insurance company, you can choose between private or statutory health insurance
  • We help you extend your stay by working with German authorities such as the authority for foreigners
  • We arrange for a quick admission to a language course for all levels
  • partial payment is to be made by bank transfer to our bank account
 All documents that the ambassy needs for your visa as a student
  • certificate of enrollment or attest of participation at language school
  • language diploma B1 or B2. Exception: students wanting to continue their studies in English
  • proof of ability to finance the studies by account at a German bank of at least 8200  € or a  guarantee by a third person
  • health insurance for at least 3 months
  • a valid passport
  • certified translations of all university reports
Prerequisites for Bachelor studies enrollment
  • certified copy of passport
  • curriculum vitae signed by the student
  • Certified translation of certificate of general qualification of university entrance
prerequisites for Master studies enrollment
  • certified copy of passport
  • curriculum vitae signed by the student
  • Certified translation of certificate of general qualification of university entrance + certified translation of Bachelor diploma + credit points
  • letter of advise by a teacher + motivation letter of the student, in which the student evokes his abilities and sets out his reasons for choosing the corresponding university
prerequisites for doctoral candidates
  • all prerequisites mentioned above + a comprehensive exposé of the doctor thesis in which the doctoral candidate describes his or her methods to be handed in to his doctor father
preconditions for specializations of physicians in German hospitals
Foreign physicians who want to specialize in Germany and later work in German hospitals must fulfil the following criteria
  • signed CV
  • certified translations of all university reports plus record of credits
  • copy of valid passport
  • German or English language diploma
  • letter of recommendation by a German hospital
  • certified translation of an employment certificate
Documents necessary to open up an account
  • valid passport signed by the student
  • address of the student in German language as stated in passport
  • copy of enrollment certificate
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Service for studies in Germany
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