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Translation Service

We offer our customers both general and specialized translations for the language pairs Arabic-German, English-German and French-German. Our specialist areas are:
  • Economics, medicine and pharmaceuticals, engineering, computer science, law and politics.
  • Contracts and documents.
  • Criminal and civil judgments.
  • References and reports
  • Websites
  • Successful authentication of documents to be submitted to authorities, consulates and embassies
Interpreting Services
    • Interpreting of all types of discourse: Community Interpreting at authorities and public institutions (courts, police authorities, hospitals); consecutive interpreting  of business negotiations, simultaneous interpreting  at conferences and meetings
    • In accompanying our Arabic clients, we help them overcome cultural and language barriers thanks to our long experience and routine in dealing with Arabic business people and medical tourists.
    • Over and above, we also help our Russian, English, French and Spanish business partners overcome cultural and language barriers.
Translation Service
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